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MEET SUHAME                                 

Step into a world where reality and imagination entwine in a mesmerizing dance of colors and shapes. Allow us to introduce you to the captivating realm of Suhame, an extraordinary self-taught artist whose masterful strokes with oil pastels redefine the boundaries of artistic expression. After traveling around the world as a fashion and runway model, she discovered her truly passion for art.
Hailing from the vibrant island of Cuba, Suhame's journey as an artist has been as eclectic as it is enchanting. With a foundation in architecture from the prestigious University of La Habana, she laid the groundwork for her artistic exploration. Yet, it was her pursuit of visual arts at Miami International University of Art and Design that truly ignited the flame of her creative genius.
Suhame's creations beckon viewers to suspend disbelief and embark on a transcendent voyage. Her distinctive style, a captivating blend of surrealism and expressionism, transports us into the labyrinthine corridors of her dreams. Each stroke, each hue, is a brushstroke upon the canvas of her imagination, revealing the profound interconnectedness of all things.
As she wields her oil pastels like a magician conjuring spells, Suhame captures the very essence of life's kaleidoscope. Her art delves into the depths of human emotion, unraveling the threads that weave us together. Through her works, she invites us to share in her quest for positivity, love, and holistic well-being—both of body and mind.
In Suhame's own words, she is more than an artist; she is a dreamer and a creator. With an almost mystical touch, she choreographs her oil pastels in a mesmerizing dance, transcending the boundaries of the ordinary. Her canvases are portals into a world where the surreal flourishes and the incoherencies of dreams take center stage.
Join us in immersing yourself in Suhame's captivating creations. Embark on a visual odyssey that challenges perceptions, stirs emotions, and sparks the fires of imagination. Experience the evocative power of her art as it guides you through a symphony of colors, emotions, and dreams. Welcome to the enchanting universe of Suhame—a world where the magic of oil pastels brings dreams to life.

My creative process is an immersive journey into an alternate world, one that exists apart from our tangible reality. With each stroke and color, I construct a realm that unveils itself upon canvas and paper—a realm that communicates in a language deeply emotional and intensely personal, yet resonates universally. This language speaks of uncharted places, unfamiliar to the flesh but intimately known to the eyes of our inner being.
The process I follow is marked by its organic nature, a spontaneous dance where inspiration flows freely. My chosen medium is oil pastels, a signature element that infuses each piece with a distinct character. Within every painting, I embark on a fresh exploration of oil pastels, discovering new avenues to harness their potential. The allure lies in their capacity to blend raw textures, to weave intricate webs laden with symbolism and vitality.
The essence of movement and chaos collides with the delicate degradation of colors, forming intricate stories set against open landscapes punctuated by the presence of nature's elements. My creative process is akin to layering, each layer adding depth and nuance, and each piece remaining open to the viewer's interpretation and imagination. Perfection isn't my pursuit; it manifests from the very instant the paper is stretched, embodying an innate flawlessness.
Ultimately, my art is an invitation to transcend boundaries, to journey within and embrace the unseen, the unfelt. It beckons viewers to unearth the layers of emotion and meaning, to decipher the visual narratives woven through a canvas that mirrors the landscape of the soul.

ARTIST STATEMENT                             

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