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MEET SUHAME                                 

Suhame is a surrealist/expressionist artist who loves oil pastels as mediums of expression. After traveling around the world as Fashion Model, working the most prestigious runways of the US & Europe, Suhame discovered her passion of translating her dreams and feelings to canvas.

She studied Architecture at the University of La Habana and in Miami continued her education by studying Visual Arts at Miami International University of Art and Design for few semesters.

The talented Cuban artist has been exploring every single aspect of life with the goal to fill her soul and mind with positivity, love and healthiness in body and mind. She describes herself as “just a young Cuban woman who dreams and creates. I dance with my oil pastels and discover the surreal magic of them, capturing the incoherencies of my dreams”. Suhame has successfully exhibited and sold in Germany and United States. Some of her pieces are part of the prestigious Volot Family's Private Art Collection.

Now, married, housemaker and mother of two beautiful children, she keeps her passion for art.

I try to build a world that is separate from the one we live in, but a world that is personal to my feelings and emotions; a world that is only mine but ours at the same time in the most pure and naked part of our souls.

Sadness, hope and the sensation of being lost are unique feelings or emotions that inspire me to grow and be more alive. Knowing sadness makes me appreciate happiness and hold it longer and in a twisted way is the form I express my motive as an artist when I paint.

All my work is with oil pastel. I guess the sense of touching them and feel my hands dirty when I use them makes me more part of that world that I am creating. Oil pastel feels childish. I love to feel like a child when I paint, exploring every single aspect of my interaction as a human being with this world as if it will be the first time.

In both worlds nothing is perfect or smooth and even when I pay attention to details, I let the viewers to see raw texture in a very soft change of colors that creates movement and chaos. My work is a work of layers, like we humans are. I love the use of volumes as interpretation of a whole but not isolated from the story.

I wish I could say more and describe my artwork. I wish I could be more specific and give more details of what my creative process is. I only know that when I sit in front of an empty paper, it feels like meditation, where I peacefully get lost in my own breathing. I breath through colors and textures and my hands creates that incoherent world of feelings.

ARTIST STATEMENT                             

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